Tax Software for International Students, Scholars and Employees

GLACIER Tax Prep is tax software specifically designed to assist nonresident aliens in completing their federal tax return. This software is purchased by OIA as a service to international students and scholars as well as those employees who are not considered residents for tax purposes at the University of Chicago. Please note that the University makes no representations regarding the accuracy of the software nor can OIA staff provide specific advice on tax matters. We can tell you that you are required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to file certain documents, even if you did not receive any income.

Documents and information needed to use GLACIER Tax Prep

Prior to accessing the software, make sure to have all the following documents and information in front of you. As you use the software you will need to refer to these items in order to properly prepare and complete your federal income tax return.

Accessing GLACIER Tax Prep
Simply log in with your CNetID and password below to access GLACIER Tax Prep. The first time you enter this software, you will be prompted to make up a user name and type in a valid email address. (Note: This email address is used solely by GLACIER Tax Prep to contact you if there is a problem while you are using the program.) Be sure to remember the user name and email address that you enter and DO NOT share this information with anyone - the combination of your user name and password keeps your information private and secure. Each time you log into GLACIER Tax Prep, you will be required to enter this information.

Please Login:

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Problems logging in?
Click here for help with your CNETID or Directory Password.

No CNet ID?
If you do not have a CNet ID and you are not or no longer eligible for one, you are not able to use GLACIER Tax Prep via the OIA website. However, individuals who do not meet the substantial presence test may consider purchasing an individual user license directly from Arctic International, the company behind GLACIER Tax Prep.